How to Use and Properly Fit Your New VidaSoles

Congratulations on your purchase! You're just a few steps away from experiencing the VidaSole difference.

Due to the unique design, your VidaSoles may feel awkward or uncomfortable at first until your feet become acclimated to the pressure points. It's important to give them time to work as results vary from person to person based on several factors including: Age, weight, genes, severity of pain, injury, medical issues, and overall health and well-being.

To achive the desired results, it's important your VidaSoles are worn properly and fit your feet right. They're designed to be worn on top of your existing shoe insole and feature a trim-to-fit design that allows you to cut them to the desired length for your feet. This requires a few extra steps to ensure the perfect fit, but don't worry, it's actually quite easy!

STEP 1: Remove your VidaSoles from the package carefully to ensure the removable magnets don't fall out. The magnets are designed to be removable so that you can wash the inserts. If you don't feel the need to wash them, we recommend a tiny drop of super-glue to permanantly affix the magnets in place.

STEP 2: With the magnets and the large reflex acupoints facing upward into the foot, slide the inserts into your shoes. Please be aware, VidaSoles are designed to stimulate the center of the feet while resting in the middle of your existing insole and may NOT cover the entire width of your shoe.

STEP 3: Check the length of the insole in the shoe. If it's a little short that's fine, as long as it fits under your foot. If the insert is too long, you'll need to trim any excess.

STEP 4: To trim your inserts, locate the cut lines located near the toe and trim along the cut line required to fit the insert into your shoe. It's important to keep the large acupressure point located in the heel in the middle of your heel. This may require trimming a small portion of the back of the insert.

STEP 5: Once you've cut the inserts to the correct length, re-insert them back into your shoes.

STEP 6: Congratulations, you're done! Enjoy your new VidaSoles!