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Fast Relief From
Foot & Back Pain

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Relief Recovery Performance

The drug-free way to help relieve your pain & stay active!

  • Promotes Blood Circulation
  • Reduces Pressure & Inflammation
  • Affordable & Easy to Use
  • Relieves Achy Foot & Back Pain

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VidaSoles Help Relieve Foot Pain Caused By

Don't Let Chronic Foot or Back Pain
Keep You From Living An Active Life

Foot and back pain are caused by a number of factors and are among some of the most restrictive types of pain. Some of the most common forms of foot pain include:

If you suffer from any of the following symptoms,
VidaSole Acupressure Insoles Are The Solution

VidaSoles offer a

way to relieve foot pain for good!

Pain Relief
Acupressure Insoles


VidaSoles can help alleviate foot pain and create more endurance in the feet, back, and lower leg areas. They combine reflexology with an acupressure design to stimulate key reflex points in the feet. This helps to reduce pressure on joints and muscles to naturally reduce inflammation. The 8 cooling magnets, coupled with the acupressure design, help promote increased circulation to allow oxygen-rich blood to flow more freely. VidaSoles can help relax the body and bring tired achy feet back to life!

Reflexology + Acupressure Design

Acupoints Target & Provide Pain Relief Across

  • Arch
  • Plantar Fascia
  • Heel
  • Ankle
  • Sciatica

Features & Benefits
Get Back On Your Feet Today!

Pain Relief Benefits

  • Reflexology Stimulation

    Massages feet to help relieve tension pains in the feet and body.

  • Arch & Heel Support

    Reduces strain and aligns the spine to eliminate foot & back pain.

  • Acupressure Technology

    Helps reduce inflammation & soothes foot, leg & back muscles.

  • Blood Circulation Boost

    Strategically placed magnets promote increased blood flow to reduce neuropathic & diabetic foot pain.

Built For Comfort

  • Breathable

    Air holes prevent sweating and athlete's foot.

  • Custom Fit Design

    Can be trimmed to size to provide the perfect fit for your feet.

  • Durable Material

    Flexible medical grade silicone is soft and comfortable.

  • Massages Feet

    Strategically placed 'acupoints' massage your feet as you walk..


Why Choose VidaSoles
Our Unique Features


Real People. Real Results

I can finally complete an entire day in the classroom!

By Susan K.

Verified Buyer

I'm a teacher and I've had to do my lectures sitting down. My students started calling me the 'old lady' lol. Since I started wearing these I'm back on my feet and can make it through an entire day!

Amazing quality insoles.

By Drew G.

Verified Buyer

I was recommended VidaSoles by my pain therapist to help me cope up with my neuropathy pain. But apart from just the pain relief, this product has helped me get back to active tennis!

Really work. Highly Recommended.

By Mark R.

Verified Buyer

I've tried dozens of insoles, including custom ones I paid over $200 for but, but VidaSoles are way better. They fit snug with my pair of shoes, letting me wear them all day long. They've really helped relieve the strain on my knees and back.

A must have for foot pain!

By Cynthia S.

Verified Buyer

I have been wearing these in my shoes for just over 2 months and my years of foot pain has completely vanished. They also worked wonders for my husband, who loves them because they fit well in his boots!

My husband loves them!

By Molly C.

Verified Buyer

My husband's job requires him to be on his feet for about 12 hours a day and he often complains of foot and back pains. Since I got him these, there has been a major difference in his pain. Thank you.